October 14, 2015


A FIGHTER is a SURVIVOR. Learn how to fight in our structured Sparring class!


Our Krav Maga Intro to Sparring / Krav Fight classes teach techniques & strategies for men & women of all skill levels. Sparring is a controlled form of light contact free-flow drilling in which both partners are able to actively practice what they’ve learned against a resisting opponent. Don’t worry though, we’ve developed a system where everyone can be trained to be well-rounded Krav Maga fighters without getting knocked around too much. Your partner won’t be trying to knock you out; instead they will be helping you grow as a practitioner of Krav Maga in a great way!



We create well-rounded fighters – standing & on the ground.

We teach how to fight in our non-intimidating, structured, & methodical sparring program. The class participants and their individual skill levels determine the pace of each class. Students will learn all the essential strikes, blocks, movements, & ground techniques that occur in fighting. This includes the “dirty techniques” that are illegal in sport competitions. Each class will begin with minimal contact drills to familiarize the students with the feel of contact. This will slowly progress into light sparring and fighting drills by the end of class.

To participate in Fight Class, students must have attended at least 20 Level 1 Krav Maga classes. Full protective gear is required for all students, including: headgear, mouthguard, boxing gloves, shin guards, knee pads, and (men only) groin protector.


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