August 24, 2017

Darren Levine Seminar

Nomad Krav Maga is honored to host Darren Levine, Krav Maga Worldwide’s Chief Instructor and 6th Degree Black Belt, for an intense 2 days of seminars in Las Vegas, NV on Saturday and Sunday, November 18 & 19!


Training will be held at the state-of-the-art Nomad Krav Maga training facility, located only a 10 minute drive from the famous Strip!

This training is open to all; Members and Non-Members of Nomad Krav Maga, all Law Enforcement and Military, General Public (regardless of training experience or Krav Maga association affiliation).

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to train with the legendary Darren Levine. We’re going to make this an experience to remember! This intense 2-day (10 hour) Krav Maga training event will change the way you look at your training forever!

This reality-based training will address real-life attacks and scenarios taken from actual crimes occurring in our communities.

Day 1: Survival Mindset & Dynamic Training – November 18th 9:30am-3:30pm

Survival Mindset (also known as the ‘warrior mindset’) is committing the mind to survival. Essentially having the willingness to injure or kill in order to ensure the preservation of one’s life or the life of loved ones. The Dynamic Training drills and scenarios will help prepare participants to survive violence, not only physical but also the assault that is inflicted on the senses and emotions.

Day 2: Anti-Abduction & Hostage Defenses – November 19th 9:30am-3:30pm

You’ll learn how to effectively defend against being taken as a hostage and or being abducted. This training will be a shock to your senses and will prepare for the realities of violence that can occur during these high-risk situations. Conquer your mind and free yourself from the scenarios and attackers! *Recommended Item – Bring a pillow case*


Register on or before October 28th $149 for single day or both days for $249
Register on or after October 29th $175 for single day or both days for $275

KMW Certified Instructors – single day $99 or both days  for $175 (contact us directly for registering)

About Darren Levine

Darren Levine, a 6th-degree black belt, founded the nonprofit Krav Maga Association of America, Inc. at the personal request of Krav Maga Grandmaster Imi Lichtenfeld. Mr. Levine serves as the Chairman of the Board and U.S. Chief Instructor of Krav Maga Worldwide. He was certified as a Krav Maga instructor in 1981 by the Israeli Ministry of Education and the Wingate Institute of Physical Education and Sport in Netanya, Israel. Mr. Levine has taught Krav Maga to thousands civilians and local, state, and federal law enforcement officers, as well as to military special operation and counter-terror units on an official basis, throughout the United States and abroad.

In addition, Darren Levine has served as a Deputy District Attorney for the County of Los Angeles since 1990. As a prosecutor, he was a senior member of the Crimes Against Peace Officers Section (CAPOS), an elite special trials unit tasked with the responsibility of prosecuting the most violent crimes committed against peace officers. In that position for nearly 15 years, he has prosecuted numerus cases involving the murders of on duty peace officers and was entrusted with prosecuting some of the most challenging, complex, and high profile cases in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Currently, he serves as a supervisor in the District Attorney’s Office. He has been recognized by receiving many awards, including the Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney of the Year (2003), the National Association of District Attorneys (co-recipient) of the 2004 Heavy Hitter Award, and was named a Distinguished Alumni of Loyola Law School in 2005. Darren continues to extensively teach Krav Maga throughout the world.

In his dual roles as Krav Maga Chief Instructor and as a Deputy District Attorney, he has dedicated his life to the safety of others.